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Тест - знание английского - Грамматика и письменный

Грамматика и письменный английский

Раздел состоит из двух разделов: Раздел 1 и Раздел 2.

Инструкции к разделу 1:

Время, в течение которого желательно выполнить данный раздел: 10 минут

Указания к выполнению: Задания в Разделе 1 представляют собой незаконченные предложения. Под каждым из таких предложений вы найдете 4 слова/словосочетания. Ваша задача - выбрать и отметить наиболее правильный ответ.


Because the first pair of shoes did not fit properly, he asked for________.
another pants      other pants      the other ones      another pair

Итак, засекайте время!

1. _________the Boston Red Sox have often been outstanding, they haven't won the World Series since 1918.

However   Yet    That   Although

2. ________ many computer software programs that possess excellent word-processing capabilities.

There are   The   There is a lot of   Some

3. Many Middle Eastern diplomats still feel that the United States is intent ________ the ultimate policeman in the region.

to being   being   be   on being 

4. Woodrow Wilson believed the United States' entry into World War I would _________ the war in months.

to finish   finish   finishing   will have finished  

5. _________ of New York's Erie Canal greatly enhanced trade in the upstate region.

The complete   Completing   A completing   The completion  

6. After ________ the skin, a leech is best removed by the application of either salt or heat.

it attaches to   attaching to   its attaching to   where it attaches to

7. ________ east of the Mississippi River.

Indigo was grown usually   Usually grown was Indigo  
Indigo usually grown          Indigo was usually grown  

8. ________ wrote the operetta "Babes in Toyland", drawn from the childhood characters of Mother Goose.

That was Victor Herbert who   Victor Herbert who  
Since it was Victor Herbert     It was Victor Herbert who  

9. Some of the oldest and most widespread creation myths are ________ involving the algiving "Earth Mother".

those   them   they   their

10. In ________, compact disk technology has almost made record albums obsolete.

the decade from   the decade since   the past decade   decade ago the

11. In the first few months of life, an infant learns how to lift its hands, how to smile and ________.

how its parents to recognize   how to recognize its parents  
to be recognizing its parents   the recognizing of its parents  

12. “Juana Inez de la Cruz ________ Mexico's greatest female poet.

considered   considered to be   is considered to be   is consideration  

13. Because the metal mercury ________ in direct proportion to temperature, it was once used as the indicator in common thermometers.

is expanding   expands   is expanded   expanded  

14. ________ what is now San Salvador, Christopher Columbus believed that he had found Japan.

He reached    When did he reach   Having reached   Whether he reached  

15. The principal purpose of aviation medicine is ________ by people aboard an aircraft in flight.

to study the stress experienced   study the experienced stress  
to study stress experiencing        studying the stress experience  

Если вы закончили работу над предложенными заданиями, нажмите на кнопку "Результат тестирования", и вы узнаете количество правильных ответов. Запомните (а лучше - запишите!) эту цифру - она вам понадобится в дальнейшем для расчета предполагаемой оценки.

  Количество правильных ответов: 

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