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Тест Грамматика и письменный английский 2

Грамматика и письменный английский язык Раздела 2

Рекомендуем приступать к заполнению Раздела 2 только после того, как вы написали Раздел 1

Инструкции к секции Б:

Время, в течение которого желательно выполнить данный раздел 15 минут

Указания к выполнению: Задания с 15 по 40 представляют собой  такие предложения, в каждом из которых подчеркнуто по 4 слова/фразы. Эти подчеркнутые части предложения обозначены буквами A, B, C и D. Одна из подчеркнутых конструкций - неправильная. Найдите и отметьте ошибку.


Guppies are sometimes call rainbow fish because of the males' bright colors.              A                 B                         C             D

16. The dwarf lemon tree, grown in many areas of the world, bears fruit when it is less
                                       A                                                 B
than six inches in high.
C                    D

17. The brain is composed of a mass of softly    gray matter in the skull that controls
      A                                                B            C                       D
our intelligence.

18. Polluter is a topic of such importance today that even elementary school children
         A                                   B
are well-informed about its danger.
              C                D

19. Best represented in a famous oil painting by Da Vinci, The Last Supper it is an
      A                                           B                                                C
important part of the history of Christianity.

20. Together with his friend Little John, Robin Hood are     fondly    remembered today
                   A                                                  B       C               D
by millions of people.

21. In Vermont, the sap the maple tree is the primary ingredient in producing maple
                                   A            B           C                 D

22. After to have     won the 1945 Pulitzer Prize for A Bell for Adano, John Hersey
                 A       B
wrote a nonfiction book about the bombing of Japan.
    C                           D         

23. The smallest of the hummingbirds beat their wings 70 times  a second and are about
               A                                                                 B       C
two inched long.

24. Quality, price and located  are often considered to be the primary concerns
                                   A    B                         C
in buying a house.

25. The name "America" comes of the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who was a
             A                      B            C                                   D
16th-century Italian explorer.

26. Marie Curie won two Nobel Prizes  for their discoveries of radioactivity and
                        A                                 B                             C
radioactive elements.

27. The developing of the submarine was hindered by the lack of a power source that
                  A                                                        B                   C
could propel an underwater vessel.

28. Although humans have highly developed brains, most animals have more acute
                                                  A                        B                         C
senses than them.

29. The movement of the stars was first noticed by early travellers who used the stars to
                                   A                                  B                C
guide its way across the sea.

30. Those who have seen what is believed to be Noah's Ark say it is the largest than
            A                      B              C                                            D
a modern battleship.

31. It is implicit in the Constitution of the United States that one has a right to their
            A                                                                B                 C      D

32. Although scientists have been successful about finding treatments for cancer, they
                                        A                              B
haven't yet discovered   a cure.
    C                        D

33. In the 18th century, standard college curriculums included a heavy emphasis on
                                                                                 A                       B
classical, mathematics, and religion.
    C                                    D

34. As the numbered of non-native speakers rises, the demand for teachers of English
    A           B                                                                 C
as a second language will increase.

35. There is much bird migration above the equator, where the Pole Star can be seen,
                    A                                                    B                
than below the equator, where it cannot be seen.
          C                           D

36. Although most people believe that diamonds are the costliest gems, emeralds are
                    A                                                           B                  C
actually the valuablest.

37. In the summer, Ann Arbor, along with Ypsilanti, Saline, and Pontiac, are flooded
               A                                                                                     B
with runaways fleeing the boredom of their lives in Cincinnati and its suburbs.
                        C                                                                D

38. A recent article in The New York Times reported that the typical business graduate of 1990 is less likely    to be willing to work long hours for the sake of advancement than
                  A        B                            C
their 1970 counterpart.                      

39. The dietary habits of  a  given child often has little to do with that child's eating
                                   A                          B                         C
habits as an adult.

40. One of the claims made against science is that data are often manipulated to prove a
                        A                                           B                       
scientist's thesis, rather than studying it for possible contradictions.
                                                C                              D

Если вы закончили работу над предложенными заданиями,  нажмите на кнопку "Результат тестирования", и вы узнаете количество правильных ответов. Запишите эту цифру - она вам понадобится в дальнейшем.

  Количество правильных ответов: 

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Вопрос 16  
Вопрос 17  
Вопрос 18  
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Вопрос 24  
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      Вопрос 26  
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      Вопрос 31  
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Вопрос 35  
      Вопрос 36  
Вопрос 37  
Вопрос 38  
Вопрос 39  
Вопрос 40  
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