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Тест на знание английского языка часть 2

20 июль 2009

Тест на знание английского языка Часть II.

26. He liked the party, ________?

isn't he  didn't he    hasn't he   doesn't he

27. I tried hard ________my visa done in time.

to get  for getting   for   to getting

28. When I came to my friend's, Helen __________ .

had already left   already left  was already left  would already leave

29. After _________ his report he was back to work.

write   to write    wrote   writing

30. I _________ go away next week.

would like   like   like to   would like to

31. When he ________ done this work, he'll be able to help you with yours.

will   will have   was   has

32. If he ________ this before, nothing bad would have happened.

said  had said  would said   would have said

33. If I had asked the way, I ________ got lost.

wouldn't have  hadn't   not have   won't have

34. You ________ your homework before you came to the lesson!

should do   should have done   should be done  should be doing

35. By next year she ________a mother.

had become  will become  will have become  has become

36. I've called him but no one picked up the phone. He ________ out.

must be   will be   can be   needs to be

37. I'm thinking ________ out with him next Sunday.

for going   to go   of going   I go

38. Would you mind _______ the door?

to shut   shutting   shut   going to shut

39. He didn't even notice me when passing by. He ________ in a hurry.

must have been    had to be  might to be   should have been

40. ________ two tickets for the cinema.

I'm given   They're given   I've been given   I've given

41. I've been sitting at home ________.

for myself  by myself  in my own   only myself

42. I'm looking forward ________ you again.

to see  seeing   to seeing   of seeing

43. He ________ done something himself before asking for help.

should   must  had to  ought to have

44. If you don't find him there, you ________ go home and wait untill tomorrow.

would better   had rather    had better   would rather

45. It's high time you _______ some work!

would do   have done   do   did

46. I wish I __________ that.

didn't   not say   hadn't said   don't say

47. Please hold on for a while in case I  _________.

have been late  am late   will be late   late

48. In spite of _________ young she was very intelligent.

she was  her   she's   being

49. Providing that _________ there, he will earn enough to buy a bike.

he'll work   he'll be working   he works  he's working

50. He suffers _________ her absence more than he'd like us to think.

in  from  of  on

Если вы закончили работу с тестом, нажмите на кнопку "Результат тестирования", и вы узнаете свой уровень знаний и количество правильных ответов.

  Количество правильных ответов: 

Поздравляю с результатами! Надеюсь, вы не сильно расстроились. А если все-таки вы не вполне довольны своими знаниями, рекомендую учить английский в Интернете с помощью бесплатных интерактивных уроков.

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Вопрос 26  
Вопрос 27  
Вопрос 28  
Вопрос 29  
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      Вопрос 31  
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      Вопрос 36  
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      Вопрос 41  
Вопрос 42  
Вопрос 43  
Вопрос 44  
Вопрос 45  
      Вопрос 46  
Вопрос 47  
Вопрос 48  
Вопрос 49  
Вопрос 50  

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